Vray light material tutorial


Step 1 – Select text as you can seen in the image below.

Step 2 – Type in your text. Choose a font according to your choice.

Step 3 – Select the extrude modifier and extrude the text with amount value.

Step4 – Create a box behind the text for the background.

Step 5 – Go to render settings and assign Vray.

Step 6 – Go to material editor by pressing M and select a slot. Go to standard and select VRayMtl as shown in the image below.


Step 7 – Choose dark brown  color in the diffuse and in the reflection slot choose  lighter shade of black for the reflections in the background.Assign this material to  the background.

Step 8 – Select the another slot for the text . Go to standard and select VRaylightMtl and select green color(increase the value of color if you need more glow).

Step 9 – Select the third material slot and assign VRayMtl to it. Choose white color in the diffuse and assign it to the front polygons of the text .

Step 10 – Put two omni lights in the scene and set the value of multiplier according to your scene as i have chosen 0.8.

Step 11 – Now the final step is to do some settings in the vray.Go to Vray::Global switches- off default lights. On reflection and refraction under the Vray::Environment. Now select the indirect illumination tab and go to Vray::Indirect illumination(GI) on GI select irradiance map in primary bounces and light cache in the secondary  bounces. Set the current preset to low for higher speed of rendering.


Now here is the final render. Enjoy 🙂


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