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Hi, today in this tutorial i m going to show you how to create image based lighting in 3ds Max and Vray. This is a step by step tutorial so everyone can follow it very easily.

Step 1:

Click on rendering tab > Render setup and  assign Renderer as Vray .

Create a basic scene , i have taken Max’s standard primitive Teapot with 32 segments and a plane. Assign a white diffuse material to plane.

Step 2: Teapot Material

Now lets apply a chrome material to our teapot, Apply the material as shown in the image

These are the settings for chrome material, You can adjust ref glossiness according to your needs.

Step 4 : Render settings

Now its time set different render settings, for this click on rendering tab as shown in the image below, than click in render setup , you can also hit F10 ( shortcut for render setup).

Go to Vray tab  switch off  the default lights and do rest of the settings according to the following images.

Step 5: Hit Render

Now hit f9 To see how our render is looking, the render will look something like the image shown below, you can see some black color reflections on the teapot and not looking good at all , so to get rid of this black reflection we need to apply  an environment map in our scene. we will do it in next step.

Step 5 : Applying Vray HDRI map to the Environment

Open material editor and take a fresh material editor slot click on diffuse button and take Vray HDRI map as shown in the figure.

Click on Browse button and select HDRI map . i am using a studio HDRI map which i have downloaded from internet. If you dont have any HDRI file you can download them for free from the following Link:


Step 6: Assign  HDRI file to  Environment

Now we have hdri file and we need to apply it on our scene environment. For this go to render setup and open vray tab> Go to vray environment. Drag HDRI map to GI environment and gi reflection slots. If you have any refractive objects in your scene you can also drag the hdri map to GI refraction slot.

Step 7: Place Vray lights

Now our scene is ready , but there are no lights in the scene, lets quickly add some lights to our scene, I have placed three vray lights with intensity multiplier as 3. You can increase and decrease the values according to your requirement.

Final Output:

Hit render and now you can see a huge  difference . Hope you find this tutorial helpful , If you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime at ram@animationscope.com


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  1. parmesh says:

    hi a saw your tea pot module. i have completed b.com but i have interest in animation can i do this course. If yes what will be the fees ,and what is the scope right now for animation

  2. sumit says:

    very well explained

  3. Richard says:

    Nice… but, where is the file?

  4. Ram says:

    Dear Richard, there is nothing in the file just a teapot which you can easily create and the you can download the HDRI files from internet. Just type free hdri files on google.

  5. Please Send the HDRI File Plz. I Need This HDRI Please.
    This My mail ID- [faruk8787@gmail.com] Please Send.

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