Creating Grid View In 3DS Max


Hi in this tutorial i am going to tell you how to create a grid view in 3ds max. A grid is a two-dimensional structure made up of a series of intersecting vertical and horizontal axes used for structure content. This sometimes become very useful as in constructing objects according to the sizes. It gives accurate sizes. I have tried to explain this in  few steps.

1. Open your 3ds max software , Go to Customize – Unit setup… as u can see in the image below.

2. A Unit setup window will appear Choose  US Standard and than select Decimal Feet.

3. Now take any object of your choice like i have taken a pen model.

4. On the top viewport put the pen model on the centre of the grid.

5. Now go to Tools ,then select Grids and Snaps and then Grid and Snap settings…

6. Under Grid and Snap settings select the Home grid tab and assign the Grid Spacing value to 1 i.e one feet .

7. Now for taking the grid view we need to have our viewport background color white so that we can see the grid lines accurately. So for that we will have to Go to Customize – Customize User Interface…

8. Under the Customize User Interface select the Colors tab and set the Viewport Background color to White.

9. Now as u can see below the viewport color has been changed to white. Select the object and assign black color to it .

10. Now see the viewport in wireframe mode. This is exactly what i wanted. Most of the work is done , we just have to take out a render jpeg of this scene.

11. Again go to Tools – Grab Viewport.

12. A Grab Active Viewport window will appear. Name your Jpeg as i have give a name top grid.

13. Now as soon as you click on grab, a render like window will appear on the screen.

14. For saving the grid view render click on the icon below that i have marked, name your file select jpeg and then click on save button.

Here’s the final render .

I hope this tutorial will be helpful  in your project and you like it too  🙂


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  1. ss says:

    very nice tutorial…i jst love ur tutorials..thanks…

  2. alex fletcher says:

    i think u can render it with vray edge texture material for nice result 🙂

  3. Ram says:

    yes off-course and we have tutorial for vray edges texture as well, but this technique is also useful 🙂

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