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It was June 2009 when i saw  nokia’s new headset N97 , Its design is so eyecatching which made me and my freind Ritesh Khare to design its 3d model.

After the completion of 3D modeling in 3DS Max i used UVW Unwrap to assign textures to the model, I need only few surfaces to be unwrap such as the front panel in which main LCD screen and calling buttons are there, Below is UVW template which i exported to Photoshop for texturing:


For Lighting up the scene i use basic studio rendering technique in Vray.

domeHere are the values of some VRAY materials i used :


I used basic chrome material for the upper portion of the model, i used the same material for the button which is near to LCD.

For the bottom part i used almost same  material, only the refl. glossiness is decreased to 0.8, For the digits i made separate maps and assign them to every single digit with basic vray material without any reflections. a slight Grey material used for the button base.


As i have told you earlier , i have used basic Vray studio lighting setup, here are setup and settings :

big_lightsClick on the image for large size

Render settings:



For the Vray  lights i have used the intensity 2 and 5 respectively ( right and left), for the top light i have used the intensity as 3 .

Thanks for reading my article. Here is the final preview:

Click on the image to view in full sizeClick on the image to view in full size


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