Interior Lighting In Vray, Tutorial Scene file


A big Thank you to all of you for watching and making this tutorial one of the most viewed tutorial in its category on youtube ( more than half million and counting). We found many of the people have asked us about the scene file for this tutorial to follow along with steps but unfortunately the file was not available as we made this tutorial long time ago and lost all the files associated with it in a hard disk crash.

Anyways the good part is that we have remodelled the file again and now it’s available for download ๐Ÿ™‚ Special thanks to Ankit. Offcourse you may find it a little different from the file displayed in the tutorial. However, we have tried hard to make it similar to the tutorial.

We are really sorry for not uploading the tutorials frequently but we are trying hard to hope to post some tutorials soon. If you find our tutorial helpful, please support us by downloading the file.

Render Preview: (Click on image for full size preview)

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Author : Ram Pratap Singh


File format : 3DS max 2010, 3DS Max 2012, OBJ & 3DS

Textures included: Yesย 

Lighting: Yes

Exterior image: Not included, you can download it from :






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