Dome lighting in Maya


Hi!!!! In this tutorial i have created Dome Lighting in Maya. Dome is basically created to give the effect of skylight to our objects or exterior models which gives very soft shadows.

Here is the render of the dome lighting or you can say the skylight.

Step-1 First create some objects like i have used the basic polygon primitives or you can have your own exterior models.Create a spotlight as you can see in the image below and set its pivot below at the center by pressing “d”.

Step-2 Select the Spotlight.Go to Window- Outliner on shape node under display,Select the Shape node as shown in the figure below.
Step-3 Go to Window-General editor-Channel control and select Dmap filter size,Dmap resolution and Emit specular from non-keyable hidden and move it to Non-keyable displayed.

Step-4 Now we have the selected items in our Channel Control and do the following settings- Intensity: 0.08, Emit Specular : 0 or off, Use Depth Map shadows : on or 1 , Dmap filter size : 4 , Penumbra angle : 20 and Dropoff : 0.01

Step-5 Select the spot light and go to the rotate settings by double clicking on rotate tool. Make the discrete rotate on and give the Step Size to 22.5. Select the spotlight ctrl+d and rotate it as you can see in the image. Again, shift+d three times.

Step-6 Now, Again go to rotate tool setting and make the Step Size to 60. Select the four lights and group them by ctrl+g . Now ctrl+d the lights and shift+d 5 times

Step-7 Select lights and change the cone angle to 150 till the spot is big enough so that there is no gap in between. Select all the lights and go to ctrl+a and change the light color to light sky blue.

Step-8 Now Render your scene and create one directional light for sunlight if needed.I hope you enjoyed this post!!!!!!


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