Beautiful Wireframe Renders Using Vray Edge Texture Material


Hii in this tutorial i want to tell you how to apply  the Vray Edge Texture material in just few steps.

VRay Edges Texture is a very simple texture map that allows  to achieve an effect similar to the wire frame materials in 3ds Max.

So lets get started.

Step1 – Take a model in which you want to apply the Vray edges Texture like i have made this scene as you can see below.

Step 2 – Now when the model is ready apply the studio lights setup as we have already posted the studio lighting setup tutorial earlier if u haven’t read that see the link –

Step 3 – After making the studio setup we will now proceed to the material editor by pressing M. Select a material slot  go to diffuse tab and assign VRayEdges Tex .

Step 4 – The parameters of VRayEdge Tex will appear after selecting  it . Choose the color of wire edges and give some thickness value. The basic theory of the VRay Edge Tex material is as given below –

Color – the color of the edges

Hidden edges – when checked, this will render all edges of the object. Otherwise, only edges marked as “visible” will be rendered.

Thickness – this determines the thickness of the edge lines:

World units – the thickness is in world (scene) units.

Pixels – this thickness is in pixels. When the texture is used as a bump map, this parameter is ignored; instead, only the World units are considered.

Thanks for reading my article. Here is the final preview.


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