Why to advertise?

The Web  is  growing faster and the competition is increasing day by day and in this era the website and product needs an exposure to be cost effecient. Advertising has become an important part in the industry and web. Advertising helps us to expose your website or product to the whole world and internet community through the web. The proper exposure of sites and products is very important to attract the masses on the internet community.

Advertising on animationscope

Animationscope is a website that provides Tutorials, Articles and other  useful Resources  for the CG artists and Animators giving users access to tutorials and good quality 3d outputs.

Advertise banners on our website

There are four slots provided for advertisement of your banners. Your banners will be running for a month on your chosen location. If because of any reason we are unable to show your banner (may be due to some error) then we guarantee you for publishing your banner for some days for free of cost.

Below are the details and the prices mentioned for the Advertisement Banner.

Advertisement Block Size Period Cost
ATTENTION1 125*125px One Month $30.00
ATTENTION2 125*125px One Month $30.00
ATTENTION3 125*125px One Month $30.00
ATTENTION4 125*125px One Month $30.00
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